"We started working with Point B about a year ago,” said Cuppa Joe, senior production leader for hot beverages at the Village. “The difference in how we think and do our jobs is making a big impact.”


“We’re all about the customer experience. We want people to feel like they have had a truly magical time with us,” said General Manager Jet-Puff. “But we’d gotten in a rut. We weren’t doing enough to stay focused on our customer’s changing tastes. For example, we missed the whole ‘gluten-free’ trend, and the Sugar Cookie division was seriously underperforming.”

“Employees told me privately they felt a lot of friction just doing their jobs. We all had a sense that grandchild visits were down, a key metric for us, but we didn’t have a clear view. We weren’t connecting the way we used to.”


“One of the things that makes Point B Special,” declares Mr. Puff, “is the many approaches they can take to a big problem. They analyzed every aspect how we run the Village, from ‘big picture’ issues like our IT infrastructure and our facilities, down to small details like using Data and Analytics to determine the optimal temperature for hot cocoa right before you hand a cup to guests. They helped us execute a merger with one of our chocolate suppliers that was a huge ‘win-win’ for us.”


Digital Strategy: “Point B helped us focus on where we excel and what makes Marshmallow Village unique. They helped us get our message out to our best customers and attract a new generation of visitors.”

Future of Work: “Our hardworking confections are the best holiday workforce anyone could ask for, but we were often getting in our own way. Point B helped us transform our workforce strategy and now we deliver a better Marshmallow Village experience at lower cost.”

Data & Analytics: “People have a lot of choices when it comes to spending their time and money on holiday magic. We weren’t using customer data intelligently and we weren’t collecting and using data in an actionable way. Point B gave us the tools to change that.”

Mergers & Acquisitions: “We’d played with the idea of acquisitions, but it was hard to determine if the deals were right for us. We feared integration would be a major distraction. Point B helped us make deals that made sense and helped us enhance the value of our acquisition.”

“Point B really gets us and our vision. With the exception of our Baked Deliverables staff, cookie cutter solutions just don’t work for our business. The way that Point B can combine different skills – Strategy, Data & Analytics, Future of Work, and Mergers & Acquisitions – enabled us to plan and execute on a broad front that was tailored just for us" – L’homme Chocolat Chaud, CEO Marshmallow Village Inc.

Happy holidays from all of us here at Point B.