As the global leader in online travel, Expedia is continually creating new and better ways for travelers to use its website. After years of growing its business, Expedia found itself at a major inflection point, with the need to evolve its online travel platform to progress to the next level of growth and better serve its customers. Expedia engaged Point B to provide critical support in this major transformation in both mindset and technology: the start of a large-scale evolution of the world’s most profitable online travel platform.

Building shared vision and an environment for success

As Expedia knows, the biggest technology challenges are seldom just about technology. They are about people and creating a mindset for change. To bridge the gap between technology and people, Point B helped create an environment of innovation with focus. We eliminated distractions by creating a structure that gave Expedia’s internal team a shared vision and the process for achieving it. By establishing a high level of trust at the executive level and an entrepreneurial atmosphere in which successful execution was the shared priority, we gained crucial support for even tough decisions that kept the project focused and moving forward.

Implementing technology and building a platform for the future

After creating an environment that supported change, Point B quickly got to work leading Expedia through a process to build a new code base architecture and development platform. The result? Expedia has an open, scalable new technology platform. Another lasting outcome: The company has gained valuable knowledge about the discipline of large-scale project execution and is better positioned to innovate more efficiently and effectively going forward. Point B helped Expedia use their strengths in innovation to create a platform that shifts mindsets and suppots lasting change. “This knowledge has become part of the fabric of the organization,” said Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia.