The Challenge

A private equity backed healthcare provider was gearing up to acquire a competitor – doubling the size of its business.  However, the organization was still struggling with a prior acquisition, that had not yet been integrated.

The underling deal model required a 5% reduction in operational expense in the first year and 8% in the second year. Achieving strategic and financial results required that individuals from all three legacy organizations be united into one organization under a new corporate brand.

M&A Expertise Drives Alignment

Leveraging its M&A expertise, Point B assembled a small team and leveraged its proven acquisition integration methodology to accelerate integration planning. The team launched an Integration Management Office (IMO) and developed detailed integration plans for all function areas. Additionally, the Point B team built a standard product hierarchy with ancillary clinical services for customized offerings, facilitated defining of future state processes and technology solutions, which included Salesforce, eCW, and UltiPro. Point B’s strategy improved clinical quality by restructuring relationships with collaborating physicians for the acquired entity. And finally, to help align all stakeholders, the team launched a change management program to drive communications and cultural alignment across all three legacy organizations.

Successful Integration Exceeds Projections

Point B’s expertise created a platform for the successful integration of acquisitions - merging three companies into one. They unified teams into one operating model, established a framework for capturing and measuring synergy realization through the integration – exceeding synergy projections by 10% in Year One.