The Challenge

A major international retailer, with 285 stores in North America and an online presence in 44 countries, launched a revolution in 2014, harnessing technology to drive growth. One of its initiatives required the company to streamline 160 technology jobs into 50 roles that align to market- and industry-leading practices. The company engaged Point B to help create a clean, flexible framework that would articulate the true talent demands of next-generation retail technology. The framework needed to be established within an aggressive timeframe, equipping the retailer to win the war for talent in a highly competitive job market.

Providing Clarity

Based on market- and industry-leading practices, Point B helped create a talent framework that our client could use to drive a common understanding of technology roles in the organization.

We identified six core disciplines critical to success, and developed the corresponding jobs tied to standard, defined levels. These jobs were then built for career progression within disciplines and across technology.

Working with a 32-employee team from the retailer, we defined the competencies, skills and career paths that were relevant to the retail industry and that company employees could navigate. We also helped translate them into technology job descriptions for immediate use by teams and managers.

Cross-Discipline Expertise

Creating a framework for 1,200 technology employees required expertise from multiple fields. Point B’s Organizational Effectiveness practice provided leading talent- management practices and joined forces with experts from our firm’s Business Technology Services practice to ensure the right level of technical skills and competencies in the framework. Our firm’s Retail Industry services helped ensure that the framework was tailored for technology teams driving retail innovation across in-store and online channels.

Paving the Way for Organizational Excellence

Point B’s solution built the foundation our client needs to provide clear job and career paths for existing employees while creating a structure for acquiring new talent.

By taking a collaborative, multi-faceted approach, we were able to quickly and effectively standardize the company’s roles, paving the way for the changes that its new technology revolution is bringing about.

Next Step

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