The Challenge

A leading investment advisory firm was actively adding assets to its portfolio of companies, yet experiencing gaps in its transition process. This created inefficiencies and other transition issues that led to a poor experience for acquisition targets and their clients. The company engaged Point B to build a scalable, repeatable process, or integration playbook, that created value and efficiency – from the due diligence handoff through the final onboarding of the target organizations.

Assessing needs

Point B held a cross-functional workshop with the disparate groups on the company’s transition team: human resources, IT, finance, operations and compliance, and other key stakeholders. Through this “discovery process,” we were able to determine gaps, pinpoint inconsistencies and identify pain points in current practices. We then developed a playbook that enabled a smoother transition process – now and in the future. Additionally, the workshop was instrumental in helping us create customized guidelines to suit the unique needs of the advisory firm and its transition team.

Managing the merge

The integration playbook brought together disparate roles and input into a single, cohesive process that could be utilized across multiple acquisition types.

  • Working together. The newly customized playbook combined industry best practices with client influences, such as corporate culture and goals, for a scalable integration process that remains true to the client and its core values
  • Leveraging assets. Rather than presenting a boilerplate solution, we employed fundamentals from the Point B playbook, while taking advantage of the successful M&A work the client had already established.

The payoff

In the end, the advisory firm had a strong set of future recommendations for an M&A organizational structure, including roles and responsibilities to support their increasing volume of acquisitions. Finally, our real-time advisory and support services helped the firm successfully plan and execute the integration of an acquired target, creating additional value to the M&A process.