by Eric Saunders

"Thanks to Point B’s unique approach to property development, this project won’t just draw more commerce and business to the area. It’ll work for the way Portland residents live and work, and do justice to a fine old neighborhood.” -Eric Myers, Summit Development Group


Historically, the small, vibrant John's Landing neighborhood in Portland, Oregon has been home to an offbeat, youthful crowd, but the neighborhood’s office space has long been in need of a refresh. Portland residents pride themselves on walking the talk when it comes to maintaining a low carbon footprint, but John's Landing residents found themselves having to travel outside the community to work.

Partnering with a local pro

Point B Property Development wanted to develop office space that would attract a creative, diverse workforce while honoring the needs of local residents. So we decided to partner with Portland’s own Summit Development Group on the project, forming a joint venture partnership to develop a piece of land just off Macadam. The project will be called HoodWORKS.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for us,” says Matt Hargis, founder of Point B Property Development. “Point B and Summit complement one another’s strengths. We’re working together as partners to meet the needs of the millennial demographic in a very unique neighborhood in Portland.”

Meeting the needs of today’s workforce

The development will turn an old house and a small warehouse into a 17,000-square foot, three-story mixed-use building, with the first floor reserved for retail and offices on the second and third floors. “It’s designed for the way Millennials work,” Hargis says, “and we hope its tenants and design will invigorate the neighborhood.”

The design will showcase features that attract creative, more entrepreneurial office space users, like bike lockers, showers, and a rooftop deck. We’re leaving the door open for co-working facilities, as well, and considering anything from a brew pub to a neighborhood health care clinic for the first floor.

Cutting-edge construction

Our design incorporates cross-laminated timber (CLT), exposed ceilings, concrete floors, and exposed wood beams for a look that’s soulful but efficient and modern. CLT panels are known for their exceptional strength and stability, and are used to build earthquake-proof buildings in Europe.

“We’re applying cutting-edge construction techniques that will enable more efficient construction and sleek aesthetics,” says Point B’s Eric Saunders, Principal. “Only a few projects using CLT have been done in Portland.”