by Erin Cheng

The Challenge

A fast-growing northwest health system wanted to enhance its utilization of its Epic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system by adding Epic's dimensional data warehouse, Caboodle. It also planned to add SlicerDicer, a self-service reporting tool that lets users interact with Caboodle to explore a wealth of clinical and financial data. This reporting suite would make Epic analytics accessible to 3,200+ physicians, along with key revenue cycle stakeholders. Leadership needed an experienced partner to lay the foundation to transition from an internally-developed enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to Caboodle over the next few years and to create a playbook that would guide future implementations of Caboodle and SlicerDicer as Epic releases new data models. Enter Point B.

Ensuring data quality and performance

Point B's Epic, analytics and healthcare teams brought deep implementation expertise of Caboodle and SlicerDicer.

Working with diverse stakeholders from the organization's Medical Informatics committee, we defined a "top 50" list of use cases that frame up how stakeholders want to use the first four SlicerDicer data models – two clinical, two financial.

We defined these use cases to cover the most in-demand reports requested by executives, physicians and analysts. For example, one clinical use case focuses on the newborn outcomes by maternal criteria and delivery provider; and one financial use case identifies the most profitable Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) by primary payer.

Point B developed a thorough testing plan for each use case to ensure data quality across each Caboodle data model, reporting performance, and adoption at go-live.

Looking ahead, we created a SlicerDicer playbook to compress the time required to implement new data models – including communication plans and training to detailed testing plan for go-live readiness.  

Accelerating the answers

Our approach to implementing Epic's high-performance analytics equips this health system to make the most of their data immediately, while providing the scalability to meet future growth needs.

The benefits are deep and wide. As clinicians and financial users are able to skip formal report requests and do their own initial analyses, they'll get the information they need more quickly – while freeing Business Intelligence report writers to focus on top-priority projects.

Beyond gaining ownership and insight into their own data, users will be able to benchmark against other Epic clients, something not available today. And by implementing Caboodle and SlicerDicer, this healthcare organization meets the requirements for Epic Honor Roll, a recognition program of excellence that shares best practices and positive financial benefits. That's a healthy connection for future growth in a competitive market.