The Challenge

In 2016, the FCC held an incentives auction to reallocate a specific band of the broadcast spectrum in order to meet the rising demand for fast, high-capacity mobile broadband services. In April 2017, the countdown began on a 39-month "repack," when TV broadcasters must move from that spectrum to their newly assigned channels. The move is mission critical: Stations must hit a series of phased deadlines or immediately go off the air. One of the nation's leading broadcasters must repack 23 of its TV stations—a huge push to modify facilities, replace equipment, and run tests at each site. Based on our previous successes together, the client engaged Point B to lead this crucial transition.

23 sites x 9 deadlines

Point B brought the program and project management expertise to drive, coordinate and monitor the dozens of industry-leading resources engaged in the transition.  

A project of this scale and complexity called for a wide mix of stakeholders and valuable industry experts across the globe. We were the bond between all parties—general contractors, broadcast engineers, property lessors, lawyers, regulatory bodies, procurement specialists and internal resources—relied upon to ensure successful on-time delivery and communication between these stakeholders. We quickly earned our role as a trusted project leader by knowing when to rely on and defer to our vendors and stakeholders, and by focusing the project on their success.

As part of tracking the project and budget for each site, we created a dashboard tool that provided at-a-glance visuals of the project's health. This window into project progress kept everyone informed and focused on the critical path to meeting the nine phased deadlines across all 23 sites.

Leveraging lessons learned

Early on, we built customizable tools and processes to apply lessons learned in a scalable, repeatable fashion across the 23 different project timelines with interdependent vendors, stakeholders and government- mandated requirements. Together with industry best practices, the tools boost efficiency at each site.

Staying ahead of the curve

Six months into the project, we positioned our client well ahead of the curve to hit all transition dates across its 23 broadcasting stations. Along the way, we equipped internal stakeholders with new project management capabilities and customizable tools to help roll out future programs. This knowledge transfer is a major asset as our client continues to grow, innovate, and uphold its sterling reputation within the industry and with the FCC.