The Challenge

How does a century-old company completely transform their brand and create differentiation that grows their business and recruits new talent? What began as a branding challenge for Black and Veatch led to an overhaul of the company’s mission, vision, and values as well as employment brand. Point B was entrusted to couple our extensive knowledge of business strategy, design, and operations with a modern, multifaceted approach to branding in order to propel Black and Veatch into a newer, bolder version of itself.

Changing a brand, transforming an industry

The VP Marketing, Communications & Brand Experience at Black and Veatch possessed a strong vision for the company: to not only be the best in the business, but to be a brand that redefined the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. She believed the market was ripe for an innovative leader and that Black and Veatch could successfully pivot into that position.

A differentiated stance

We quickly mobilized to find points of differentiation and, after deep conversations and intense idea generation, we created a “brand belief” for Black and Veatch that encapsulated the core spirit, story and emotions the company could authentically embody. Once this was accomplished, there was a quick segue into the second phase of work, with Point B making the belief tangible through key deliverables such as a messaging framework, articulations of beliefs, and pillars for content.

A brand true in “word and deed”

We quickly realized that in order to truly embrace/encompass their new vision, there was a need to move beyond simple marketing messaging but to infuse these new ideas into the fabric of the business experience for customers and employees.

A series of surveys, ideas storms and workshops across all levels and geographies of the company surfaced challenges and opportunities to enable sustainable adoption of the brand.

Employees were empowered and excited: Our idea-sharing contest garnering the highest employee engagement in company history.

United through change

To galvanize commitment and conclude our engagement, Point B facilitated an F7™ event, using our unique method to engage over 100 stakeholders during a single day work session. The entire executive committee joined a company-wide constituency of team members for facilitated sessions that focused on evaluating the work thus far and developing strategic alignment.

After the event, Black and Veatch stakeholders aligned under a new understanding of brand experience within the company. Their new world view of the organization was a key desired outcome and was universally adopted throughout the organization. Armed with a renewed sense of identity and a two-year strategic roadmap, our customer is empowered and ready to bring their brand to life.