The Challenge

"When you look at data over the decades, you see that it matters a great deal for kids to get off to the right start in school,” said Michael Bennet, former Superintendent of Denver Public Schools and current U.S. senator of Colorado. “The better they do early on, the better they do throughout their academic lives.”

Backed by a remarkable show of support from local voters, civic leaders and the business community, Denver Public Schools received funds to expand and improve early childhood education. Given the initiative’s citywide scale and aggressive, nine- month timeframe, “we engaged Point B to provide the bandwidth of skills to take this opportunity and make it operational,” said David Suppes, Chief Strategy Officer for Denver Public Schools.

Building a Shared Vision and Infrastructure for Success

Working alongside district staff from the back office to the boardroom, Point B created a comprehensive, detailed approach and provided leadership across the entire program—including communications, marketing, financial modeling, facilities improvement and construction, enrollment processing, tuition billing processes and policy.

At the same time, we oversaw all aspects of getting 197 preschool classrooms in 82 schools quality-rated, and established the ongoing process for assessing classroom quality by Qualistar, an independent nonprofit group.