The Challenge

Consumers are calling on companies to offer ease, accessibility and convenience in the future of business. The automotive industry is no exception. A large automotive company struggled to meet customer demand to have more control over how they purchase their vehicle, more transparency into current inventory and real-time pricing, and the flexibility in how and when they shop. The global pandemic only increased the demand for digital transactions—especially in a time of supply fluctuation.

Getting in Gear

With customer feedback and preferences in mind, Point B partnered with the large automotive manufacturer to help structure, plan and deliver a transformed digital retail experience.

Delivery of the comprehensive retail program would offer customers the opportunity to lease, finance or purchase their new vehicle without the need to physically visit the dealership, putting the process truly in the hands of the driver.

Point B partnered with the organization to implement a strategic delivery playbook to provide a baseline approach and a set of tools and templates to enable teams to engage in a consistent way. Further, the team established a governance, leadership structure and principles to effectively manage the program.

As solutions continued to build the company’s digital-first foundation, the team developed a communication structure to support continuous—and inevitable—changes and managed the most-critical product delivery: employing the right methods and tools to assure on-time, accurate and consistent execution.

A New Destination

The launch of the foundational capabilities, including demand management, release management, quality assurance, incident management and problem management, led to the successful delivery of a new online retail experience for 50 dealers, and growing. The dealers have used this platform for 50 percent of new vehicle sales and have seen a 15 percent increase in vehicle sales, with an average of 30 minutes total working on a deal.

The value-add continues with sales associates having a better understanding of customer wants and needs, while accessing time-saving tools, enhanced analytics and lead-handling.