by Hannah Wiggers, Brian Balgaard

The Challenge

In its aim to grow into a thriving mid-capital enterprise, an energy company was taking a closer look at its readiness to scale. Recent growth efforts had proven the need for a closer look at their end to end processes and organizational structures. Leaders had strong industry acumen, but were seeking a partner to transform their strategic vision of streamlining processes and developing strong organizational structures to reality. The CEO engaged Point B to conduct an assessment of the organization's scalability. As it turned out, that was just the beginning.

Designing for scalability

What major issues were hindering growth? We looked across the corporate structure and key departments to glean the diverse perspectives of executives, mid-level leaders and frontline staff. We also analyzed "voice of the customer" surveys. Our assessment identified gaps in capabilities and alignment, shining a light on areas of the organization that faced barriers to growth.

Based on our findings, our client asked us to launch a multi-disciplinary program to optimize the organization through coordinated organization and process design. While coordinating process (function) and organization (form) is a more complex challenge than designing them separately, the outcome is well worth the effort in the many ways it supports growth.

The power of partnership

We launched three major work streams: Process Improvement, Corporate Design and Department Design. Through multiple design sessions, we engaged our client to think through current-state challenges and come up with future-state solutions tailored to their evolving needs while maintaining the strong culture that made them an attractive to top industry talent. Our collaborative approach gave leaders insight into the "whys" of our process and ownership of future-state design. They valued that we took a challenge that had seemed "huge and nebulous" and broke it into manageable, tactical steps they could focus on.

Now, the company is well equipped to grow, with organizational designs for its corporate structure and all major departments that are ready to scale in clearly defined ways; and prepared to nurture critical capabilities that are essential for growth. Point B didn’t just provide new structures, organizational design and processes and then walk away. We took each step alongside the company while new structures and processes were activated, providing guidance so they could adapt and thrive.  Being there to see a new organizational design through to success – that's what true partners do.