by Chris Uldriks

The Challenge

Employees of a global biotechnology and life sciences company were frustrated with their collaboration technology experience, specifically Skype, their virtual meeting conferencing solution. They found the platform to be unreliable – experiencing issues with dropped calls, difficulty using the mobile app, and poor connectivity. In fact, some Skype issues were so bad that users started using external platforms like Zoom or Cisco. Yet, even as the company’s tech team sought to resolve employee pain points, they did not want to risk deploying another conferencing platform that could cause just as many issues as Skype.

Establishing a Technology Vision and Roadmap

Seeking a solution, leadership engaged Point B for our expertise in Microsoft 365 and a holistic vision around technology change management.

The plan was to migrate all users from Skype to Teams, as well as convert existing Skype meetings to Teams meetings. The goal was not just to deploy Teams out to the company, but to ensure employees were at the center of the change and had the training, support, and education around Teams best practices to ensure successful adoption of the platform. Point B also helped to build out a “Jumpstart Collaboration” resource hub that contained Microsoft Teams training materials, videos, and schedule of in-person training sessions. Point B empowered a select group of employees as “Change Champions” who were trained super users in Teams and provided support to their colleagues. We also identified “VIP users,” including executives, their assistants, and other key stakeholders, who received personal 1:1 training and support. This proactive, unique approach unified leaders and employees around the adoption of the new platform, which resulted in positive behavior changes and a seamless transition.  

Near 100% Positive Survey Results

The Point B approach to Microsoft Teams adoption and change management yielded nearly 100% positive post-deployment survey results from employees. Teams was successfully cutover from Skype, and users were trained on best practices to effectively use the conferencing platform. Users knew how to self-troubleshoot, how to utilize all the Teams functionality, and where to go for support when needed, resulting in a 97.3% customer satisfaction rating.

Timing is also everything.  The company transitioned to Teams in February before the Covid-19 work-from-home mandate, which was critical in enabling effective collaboration among its remote work force. Point B’s vision and roadmap played an instrumental role in the new platform’s successful transition and adoption.