A national accounting firm knew it needed to replace its aging enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. With product support being discontinued and operations stressed by company growth, it was clear that a new system and improved ways of working were essential to maintaining the key tenets on which the firm prided itself: excellent client service, operational cost control, and high employee morale. Our client engaged Point B to lead a redesign of its key business processes and prepare the firm to select a new ERP system.

Process before technology

Replacing an ERP system is an opportunity to transform your business. Yet many companies make the mistake of applying new ERP technology to old processes, ending up no better off than before. Point B takes a process-led approach—first redesigning processes, and then selecting the best ERP system to meet business needs. Putting process first lets us uncover new requirements and constraints before system deployment—significantly reducing delivery time, costs and risk.

To address the complexities of our client's large ERP program, we led a series of process redesign workshops with stakeholders from front-line employees to executives. We documented current state and future state process flows, and identified gaps and pain points. Based on our findings, we recommended a number of improvements and related business requirements. We also established new roles for the owners of business processes, and developed a clear, practical framework for business improvement.

Through the redesign workshops, we brought people together around a change strategy and plan that provided new clarity around "Why change? Why now?" We also assessed the change readiness of leadership. Poor change management is a leading cause of ERP program failures; we made sure that effective change management would be a leading cause of our client's ERP success. 

Ready to grow

Point B gave our client new insight into its business processes, including the drivers of waste and how to eliminate them. Participants were excited to make these changes so they could spend more time serving clients, and less time on non-value-added tasks. By taking a process-led approach, our client is well positioned to make immediate process improvements, select a new ERP system, and transform business operations to achieve continued growth.