This large pharmacy and retailer with over $60 billion in brick-and-mortar revenue wanted to increase the value of its e-commerce site by enhancing the product promotion platform and improving the customer experience. The client engaged Point B to improve its product merchandising capabilities and website experience.

Redefining strategy and building on innovation

Point B helped the online merchandising team redefine its strategy and organizational structure while building an innovative product management capability. We helped the client:

  • Implement new merchandising tools to quickly promote products in the right place, at the right time.
  • Create a prioritization process to invest in website features that would drive revenue.
  • Deploy a “product management” team to own the customer experience and increase coordination between the business and technology.
  • Improve vendor processes to quickly increase the number of products sold on the site.
  • Institute a product management and merchandising infrastructure that will support the client’s growth for years.

Reaching customers and increasing revenue

The client achieved a 15% increase in daily sales as more products came online more quickly. Additionally:

  • Online revenue increased 100% on key holiday shopping days.
  • Website usability improved, increasing conversion rates and average order value.
  • Collaboration across merchandising, product management, design, and technology teams improved.