by Brittany Moreland

The Challenge

One of the world's leading automotive manufacturers was eager to make better use of the data in its Data Management Platform (DMP). The tool collects first- and third-party customer data, which is used by a number of divisions and partners to create targeted audiences for online ad campaigns. But DMP use was siloed, with different divisions and agencies sending different messages to the same audiences. The disconnect was not only confusing; it was wasting ad dollars. The company engaged Point B to assess its DMP usage and establish new ways for digital marketers to make smarter use of the data with a bigger return on investment (ROI).

Driving Buy-In and Adoption

We took a multidisciplinary approach to assessing the DMP— bringing together our expertise in strategic leadership, multi-channel strategy development, ecommerce platform solutions, digital architecture, mobile strategy and execution, analytics and data governance. Our deep and wide approach won stakeholder trust to zero in on pain points and identify key opportunities. We created a roadmap to better target and qualify digital prospects:

  • Increasing participation and collaboration. The DMP had been considered a technical tool. As such, it was managed independently at each Tier 1 (corporate) and Tier 2 (dealer associations) agency. We opened minds to the need for broader participation that brings analytics, strategy, media and creative to the table in deciding how to best leverage DMP data. We signed on 100 percent of our client’s dealer associations to use DMP. With both Tier 1 and Tier 2 entities onboard, corporate could share data and for the first time, agencies that had never previously connected with each other, began to collaborate.
  • Clarifying ownership across siloes. We saw that many key tactics and use cases did not fall neatly within the company's existing siloes of ownership. We drew clear distinctions between opportunities that can thrive within a single stakeholder group and those that require collaboration across digital marketing groups.
  • Spearheading more iterative tests. We planned and executed more testing iterations. Often, testing can be an expensive endeavor, however, our iterative approach provided valuable insights at a reduced spend – all without interfering in existing and ongoing campaigns’ data collection. We also expanded stakeholder involvement, which made it easier for people to understand and prove the ROI on key digital tactics.

New Marketing Horsepower

As with the digital landscape, DMP strategy never stands still. As more divisions and partners are onboarded to the DMP, our client has engaged us to prioritize, organize and facilitate collaboration across its organization and advertising partners. Marketers are shifting into higher gears of collaboration as they drive DMP to our client's ultimate destination—a seamless customer journey with clear ROI in advertising spend.