The Challenge

Merging the IT systems and infrastructure of financial institutions is a complex challenge, especially when the two banks are both large, well-established organizations. Customers of the institution being acquired need to be converted to new systems without incident or the institutions could lose market share and negatively impact their brand, putting their business at risk. At the threshold of a merger, this large financial institution brought in Point B to build the infrastructure and supporting systems needed to test one of the key lines of business conversion so that customers could successfully be brought over to new systems without incident.

Strong Leadership Creates Conditions for Success

Point B led the integration efforts by:

  • Establishing a program structure and comprehensive communication plan that considered over 600 stakeholders.
  • Creating a strategy and plan to manage the massive amount of data that would need to be converted.
  • Establishing a strong governance structure to manage and control change.

Successful Integration Leads to Satisfied Customers and Enhanced Brand

According to the client, Point B’s thought leadership, expertise, and ability to navigate the cultures of both the acquiring and acquired organization made the project a success.

As a result of Point B’s work:

  • Seventy additional out-of-scope applications were tested due to the success of the initial integration efforts.
  • Over 5 million customers and their associated 10 million customer accounts were converted into the acquiring financial institution’s systems.
  • The merging banks avoided disruptions in service due to the merger and therefore enhanced the brand of the acquiring financial institution.