by Mimi Wehner


Our client, a global food and beverage retailer, has spent years developing a highly successful customer loyalty program that delivered incremental revenue and a means for connecting with more than 11 million active members. But the program's structure and technical infrastructure had not kept pace with customer feedback or the company's innovation strategy. It did not support new personalization, partnership or technical innovations that were key to future revenue growth and differentiation in the marketplace. In order to build on the program's success, it was time for a major relaunch that would give members an even better customer experience and deliver future innovation. Knowing how complex this strategic initiative would be, our clients looked to Point B for help.  

Leading from Strategy to Relaunch

In our first phase of work, we tackled several key strategic issues that helped drive the program's design. Working closely with our client, we were able to assess the array of issues, evaluate alternatives, and make clear and cohesive recommendations. 

Based on this work, our client asked us to serve as program managers of the implementation phase of the relaunch—one of the largest launches in its history. We established the program governance, cross-functional teams, planning and reporting documents, and other key project deliverables. We also led the implementation across more than 25 workstreams, 12 critical systems, and 15,000 stores in three countries. The impacted systems included CRM, point of sale, campaign management, e-commerce, web, app, and customer support systems.

As the implementation phase kicked off, our client looked to Point B for leadership across several key work streams. We led the planning and implementation of the relaunch in the franchised store channels. We also managed the entire marketing launch, including in-store merchandising, media, social marketing, and all digital marketing.

Our client drew on Point B’s expertise to achieve one of the highest-risk aspects of the relaunch—the massive migration of all member data and systems on the day of launch. We led this effort across all 12 technical workstreams. The technical teams also looked to Point B to define the governance for managing the portfolio of loyalty systems projects to be implemented before and after the relaunch.

Exceeding High Expectations

In working with Point B, our client was able to successfully relaunch its loyalty program, which is now exceeding growth expectations and enabling new phases of innovation. Our client is also using the program management framework that we developed for this implementation as a model for future complex initiatives.

“The way Point B delivered this project is regarded across our company as the model for successful launches,” said a company senior vice president. “The Point B approach is awesome!”