A global biotechnology leader had an ambitious vision for developing an integrated set of digital sales and marketing solutions to provide more consistent customer and patient experiences across its many brands, channels and 40-plus websites. Its objectives were to help sales reps generate more engaging, valuable conversations with prescribing physicians, to help educate patients on product indications, compliance programs, and financial assistance, and to provide its interactive marketing team greater control over the messages and content shared across channels. These digital solutions also had to help increase cost-efficiency of website development and maintenance as well as reduce time to market when launching new websites.

Clarity from roadmap to rollout

Point B was engaged to help define and execute against a multi-year strategic digital sales and marketing roadmap. We began with an analysis that validated our client’s business case to invest in a website content management system. Based on the company’s culture, business objectives and organizational challenges, senior project leaders and technology specialists from Point B led a customized vendor selection process with tailored criteria for the web content management platform. We also provided program management to drive all planning, rollout and training to 2,500 users across 18 national sales teams for a mobile detailing platform. As the program progressed, we went above and beyond our contractual obligations to bring our client the benefit of Point B specialists in the areas of operational efficiency and process improvement.

Winning hearts and minds

Building internal understanding, trust and ownership–particularly among risk-averse stakeholders–was as crucial to success as delivering the right technology across multiple channels. We helped build a shared vision among brand teams who were initially skeptical that a standardized approach and tools would benefit them by implementing a platform flexible enough to maintain each brand’s identity. We provided executive coaching and developed clear roles and responsibilities that helped win crucial buy-in from IT, sales teams and other users of the new system.

High conversions, lower costs

The new digital platform is part of a multi-year digital innovation program. In its first year, more than 96 percent of sales reps have used it—37 percent at least once a week. Conversions are up. And by the end of 2016, web maintenance costs are projected to be reduced by 40 percent; time-to-market costs by 50 percent. Meanwhile, every customer touchpoint is measured along with feedback that allows subsequent programs to be even more effective.