The Challenge

It was a complex business problem on a global scale: A leading software company faced dramatically increased competition, mounting operational costs, gaps in customer/partner satisfaction—and an old IT infrastructure to run the business. The company had an archaic business model that relied on this outdated IT infrastructure, with no way to support the changing business processes. The company engaged Point B in a multi-year initiative to transform its business model.

SDO: Active Transformation

In order to drive the scale of change needed to achieve our client’s vision for a new business model, we recommended establishing a strategy delivery office (SDO), which we designed and operated.

Originated by a Point B executive with deep and broad expertise in program management, Point B’s SDO is uniquely designed to help executives “land their strategy.” It’s ideal for very large and complex initiatives where the stakes and visibility are high. In this case, the SDO is driving transformational success by:

  • Establishing an effective governance framework that has closed gaps and clarified roles, responsibilities and processes for driving large-scale business transformation. Our client now has a clear structure across its global enterprise for who makes decisions—and how to make them in a timely manner.
  • Focusing simultaneously on stakeholder alignment, business readiness and delivery readiness.
  • Developing an integrated planning tool that gives leaders new visibility and control. The tool informs them of where they are within in a complex multi-tiered project and provides insight into the next move.
  • Performing as high-level program managers to ensure success and knowledge transfer among hundreds of our client’s employees, vendors and partners worldwide.
  • Helping to turn around individual work stream efforts in danger of going off the tracks.

High Impact; Global Scale

At this point in the multi-year initiative, we have led the delivery of three large, successful business launches. The result: a 400 percent improvement in operational efficiency through on-time completion of 95 percent of the hundreds of initiative-level milestones. At the same time, customer satisfaction scores are at a new high of 4.5 out of 5. Our client is so invested in Point B’s model they have plans to transition all their products and services to this new business model.