by Julie Smith, Jesse Burns

The Challenge

Innovative change in an organization can only succeed with inclusivity and collaboration. When the COO of a $26 billion global food and beverage retailer envisioned the company’s strategic planning for the U.S. business unit responsible for 80% of its revenue, he knew he needed a partner to help solidify plans and achieve results.

Historically, strategic planning efforts for the retailer had been cumbersome, top-down and overly complex, requiring many months to define. Additionally, planning required significant effort to align leadership and establish buy-in across the organization.

Seeking Clarity

Effective strategy needs to be clearly defined, and Point B offered clear and swift solutions. The team developed a strategy co-creation approach and process that involved over 80 active contributors. Foundational training and leadership coaching were provided to align the design team to the strategy development purpose, methods and approach.

Further, the team facilitated the development of the three-to-five-year vision with the C-suite, using a collaborative process that involved rapid development virtual workshops. Working teams also identified and addressed key problems to solve around the customer, employee, market and competition. Point B also designed and led five workshops for each functional team to define the vision, objectives, problem definitions and key activities needed.

Yielding Results

The teams defined a five-year business unit vision, strategy and action plan in 13 weeks, defining clear objectives, advantages and activities for operational and financial planning.

The process was collaborative, virtual and focused on co-creation, which ultimately established new levels of leadership engagement, awareness and alignment across more than 80 participants. The newly established framework for planning resulted in a tangible, actionable strategy that would become the new baseline across the enterprise.

In addition to the rapid approval of the strategy by the board, an executive expressed, “This will unleash next level collaboration and thinking. I'm very excited for what's to come!”