by Thad Westhusing

The Challenge

With digital products, the ability to recognize and understand your customers is important when creating personalized experiences that will increase engagement and build loyalty. Most consumers visiting a website or using a mobile app do so in an anonymous state.  The challenge is turning these unknown users into known customers that can be better recognized and understood. At one of the largest global media and entertainment companies, Point B was tapped to develop a consumer identity product strategy that would enable the client to deploy a unified customer registration and login solution across all of its branded business units. 

From Analysis to Roadmap  

We began with an objective analysis of our client's current situation—seeking input from key stakeholders and assessing it within the context of customer needs, market trends, and technology advances. We interviewed more than 50 stakeholders across the company’s many business units to surface their priorities, expectations and ideas for go-forward consumer identity product investments.

Point B's situation analysis helped our client's product owner understand and align market trends and key stakeholder needs—informing a new, customer-focused product mission, vision, and value proposition. In the process, we identified and addressed the core challenges that could hinder fulfillment of the product vision, from organizational readiness to technology and privacy issues.  We also created clear success metrics, strategic focus areas, and a product roadmap.  The result was a customer-focused, executable strategic plan that served to guide feature development in support of fulfilling the product vision and value proposition for the enterprise.

Creating Customer Value 

The consumer identity group's new strategic plan enabled it to make more focused investment decisions on the path to achieving its customer-driven vision. The plan also provided the criteria to measure the outcomes of those investments going forward.

Recognizing and understanding your digital customers through consumer identity solutions creates opportunities to serve them in more personalized ways. Our client's consumer identity group is now well equipped to generate new value for the business units utilizing its enterprise solution.