by Kurt Knaub

The Challenge

A leading pediatric care network wanted to gain a better understanding of its broader market. Where did kids live? What providers did they see? What was the payer mix distribution? The answers would uncover gaps in care and identify opportunities to expand into underserved areas, helping leadership think more holistically about where to locate new clinics and how to better serve the broader pediatric population. Traditionally, this type of project was accomplished "by hand," using census data and physical mapping. But the approach was slow to get answers and to run the array of scenarios needed to optimize planning. Leadership engaged Point B to help build a data visualization tool through our Insights Hub that delivers more insightful answers and cuts scenario planning time by 95 percent.

Accelerating better decisions

Point B’s Insights Hub team led the initiative to build and launch a custom data visualization tool that uses a blend of external data sets to create a clear picture of the marketplace.

The tool has the power to forecast market needs and guide business decisions based on a mix of demographic, provider and payer data. It is interactive and scalable, which makes it easy to conduct strategy planning in a dynamic way. Going forward, it will give our customer the ability to integrate additional data sets from future healthcare and regional sources to answer new strategic questions

New insight at a glance

Data access is one thing; usability is another. In addition to connecting our customer to the mix of data needed to answer key questions, we also visualized the data so they can use it to make relevant and impactful decisions quickly. Instead of recreating data within their strategy team, or asking analysts to recreate it, this tool is ready to use for insightful analysis.

The Insights Hub team also developed reports that make it easy for stakeholders to visualize and quantify meaningful information to inform strategic decisions about growth. Along the way, we helped foster the stakeholder buy-in crucial to creating the conditions for a successful launch.

Rapid, relevant planning

Our customer’s custom developed data visualization tool has reduced its scenario planning time by 95 percent – cutting efforts by months. The data allows our customer to see market trends within a target geographic population and quantify market opportunities by overlaying the most current data on where children live, the landscape of pediatric provider access, and the payer mix distribution. Now, and as the market evolves, our customer can quickly and clearly see where children are underserved – and plan accordingly to address unmet needs.


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