In 2011, when Christie Dziubek left an illustrious career at Accenture, she had a dazzling offer—"a really cool job" with Harley Davidson, a rock star of motorcycle brands. At first glance, the opportunity to join Point B's Chicago office may not have been the most obvious choice. But over a series of "very interesting conversations," Christie saw in us what we saw in her: the potential to make an outsized impact in a new Point B market. For making that impact and living Point B's values in all she does, we honor Christie with Point B's Blue Standard Award.

In each of her roles, from Senior Associate to Account Leader to Portfolio Leader to Senior Director, Christie has been instrumental in growing our Chicago practice, building a strong relationship with one of the firm's largest customers and gaining Point B recognition as one of Chicago's top 10 places to work.

"Christie embodies the essence of Point B values," said Chicago Senior Associate Rollin Pierce. "She always puts others first. She has built trusted relationships across Point B and with our clients. It seems like everyone knows her and loves to work with her. You can always trust what Christie says; she doesn't hide the truth or just say what others want to hear. She has continued to grow professionally, yet she's also willing to jump back into client delivery roles when there's a need. That she has helped build the largest account in Chicago is a testament to her excellence as a leader and business developer."

Her passion to be "all in" shows in the relationships she builds and the results she delivers, said Associate Britney Macdonald. "I see how hard Christie works to ensure that everyone is included, and she's never scared to roll up her sleeves to ensure everything is done to Point B's standard of excellence."  

Christie is known for being a generous coach and mentor, said Diane Rolston. "I know I'm just one of many Point B’ers she empowers on a daily basis. What I like most about Christie is her relentless focus on providing the best direction and guidance. When I was brought into my first pursuit, she mentored me through the entire process, shared constructive feedback that allowed me to adjust on the fly, and positioned me to own the relationship. She brings her optimism and infectious positivity to work every day. When I think of the type of leader I strive to be, all the traits that she exhibits are top of mind."

Christie's commitment to coaching and mentoring comes from her belief in paying it forward. "I came to Point B for its inspiring leaders," she said. "You want to be in the same room with them, and you hope some of the gold dust brushes off on you. When I joined Point B, I knew how to deliver services, but sales was new to me, and it took some coaching and nudging. Now I want to pass along that kind of coaching to others. I want to remove any barriers that might hold anyone back from being all in."

Work hard, be honest, show your gratitude—for Christie, paying it forward is a family tradition that spans generations. "I am so thankful for everything I learned from my parents and my grandmother, who lived to be 100. My whole family helped me get here to Point B. This award is a shout out to them, too."