As part of Point B’s leadership team at a global retailer, Cindy Maggi has become a trusted advisor, leading projects from sweeping IT initiatives to pivotal business changes. For more than five years, each project she’s successfully delivered has been followed by a more complex challenge of even higher strategic value to the company—and to Point B.

“Cindy has the ability to be tough as nails but she’s also positive, caring, genuine and honest, which makes people trust her,” said Dylan Moxness, Portland practice director. “Clients want to hear hard messages when they’re delivered the right way; Cindy does it. She teaches people that it’s OK to be vocal and render opinions. Everyone wants to follow Cindy. We don’t want to let her down.”

Cindy says this about building rapport with her clients: “It all comes down to listening to what they’re saying, coming up with options, and talking them through in a way that’s not heavy-handed. Give them something concrete to take and do. Lay out a path forward that’s detailed and tailored to who they are and how their company does business. You can’t dictate a path; you come in as a partner and work your magic more through influence.”

Her insight and thoughtfulness extend to her fellow Point B associates, whom she supports without waiting to be asked.  Reaching out to others is a strong Point B value, Cindy said—one she experienced firsthand when she joined the firm as a fledgling consultant working in industries that were new to her.

“I could never have done that work without great support from other Point B consultants. Some even reached out to me from our other markets. That’s why you can be successful at Point B; you have the incredible support of talented co-workers across the firm. Every time you think you can’t, you can—because of who you have backing you up.”