A letter from Point B CEO Mike Pongon on our culture of service:

About ten years ago, The Greater Washington Chapter of the National MS Society welcomed a new chapter president. With the nation’s highest concentration of MS patients centered in the Pacific Northwest, Patty Shepherd-Barnes knew she was taking on a huge challenge. She knew that increased funding and a great staff would be key. She also knew that the essential ingredient to both would be a greater concentration of high-caliber leadership. And like any strong leader, she didn’t hesitate to reach out. She turned to Point B.

In response, we didn’t just write a check...we started a movement. Since then, Point B has raised over $1 million for the MS Society in Seattle alone. Across our seven markets, Point B’s partnership with the MS Society has become our largest sponsorship and volunteer platform.

The MS Society is only one example of the tremendous ripple effect we have when we leverage our capacity to lead. Point B associates, both in our professional work as well as through personal volunteerism, help more than 70 community and nonprofit organizations achieve their missions. We solve problems. We develop untapped talent and abilities inside organizations. We engage and inspire others to action, bringing people together to achieve what none of us could achieve alone.

Service is at the heart of Point B’s continuing success; it defines and unites us in all we do. We serve our clients’ best interests and create tangible, lasting results. We serve each other by providing support, sharing knowledge, and celebrating our victories. We serve our people by linking opportunities for personal and professional growth with their desires and capabilities. And we serve our community through leadership, charity and compassion.

Ten years ago, Patty Sheperd-Barnes saw something in Point B that many of us still underestimate in ourselves: the transformational value we bring when we leverage our ability to lead. As we look back on the many ways we’ve served, we can feel enormous pride and gratitude for all we have accomplished. Going forward, we have the opportunities to make a greater difference than ever before.

Take a look around. Take a look within. When you see places where the need connects with your passion and your leadership skills, don’t be afraid to give. And never underestimate your ability to make a difference.

Mike Pongon