What does the next normal look like for your organization?

It is time to switch from a reactive to a proactive response to COVID-19 impacts. The next 6 to 12 months will be critical, and Point B is here to help you understand how to rapidly respond to challenges right now, while keeping a keen eye on reimagining the future. 

Learn more about how leaders across the globe are navigating COVID-19 impacts in this business risk and impact survey from Nextcontinent

How we're helping our customers

Rapid Strategy Disruption Response

You went into 2020 with a strategy and operating plan but had to switch to business continuity planning as COVID-19 struck. Sound familiar? We can help. Rapid Strategy Disruption response is a service that guides strategy adaptation and creates a clear plan for execution. Our small teams uncover new opportunities and options through rapid research and insights, value driver evaluation, scenario modeling and business model innovation. Learn more.

Back to the Office

Trying to bridge the gap between emergency response plans and normal operations? Point B’s Back to the Office process uses the guiding principles of safety, equity and choice to enable a structured return to the office once regulatory restrictions are lifted. We partner with organizations to facilitate a task force, build an activation playbook, personalize specific timing and phasing approaches and develop and reinforce new ways of working. Learn more.

“Understanding what your business needs to get through this crisis today, while keeping a critical eye to the future, is essential right now.”

- Brian Turner, President of Consulting