Location: Online

Duration: 45 Minutes

Event Details

As we head into 2023, risk, regulatory, and compliance teams across the financial services industry face challenges on multiple fronts. Forward-thinking teams are adapting to an ever-changing industry as new rules and regulations, emerging technologies, an uncertain economy, and a heightened focus on environmental, social, and governance issues continue to shift the landscape.

Lean into 2023 by learning how your risk, regulatory, and compliance teams can adapt and plan accordingly, act proactively, and succeed. Join Point B’s senior financial services executives, Vincent Tarantino and Christian Sterk, as they share insights on:

  • The significance of accurate and complete data across the organization and the necessity for governance, oversight, and controls.
  • How innovations in technology have and will continue to transform the risk, regulatory and compliance landscape; pros and cons.
  • Navigating ESG regulations and reporting frameworks, and the impact of climate risk disclosure