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Join Point B for an interactive session exploring the changing world of work.

We now have 5 generations in the workplace which, in and of itself, can be a complex puzzle to solve. But couple that with the ever-increasing pressure to do more with less while providing a 21st century culture and working environment, and you’ll find that it’s no longer a questions of “if” but “when” managers need to evolve their approach to work and reframe what leadership looks like. 

Whether you have a diverse workforce, a gap in your workforce, or challenges with how people work together (either in person or remotely), this session will help guide you and offer practical steps forward.

Hope you can join us!

Attend our webinar and learn:

  • What we can do to adapt to the changing world of work?
  • What are generational definitions and why do they matter?
  • Should we worry about generations other than Baby Boomers and Millennials?
  • What are the characteristics, behaviors and motivations of the five generations in the workforce today?  
  • What are the common pitfalls in assigning behaviors to generations and how can we avoid them? 
  • How can we better attract and retain the talent needed for the Future of Work?

Who should register:

This webinar is designed for those leading or participating in teams that span generations, regardless of industry.

This will be an interactive conversation, so your questions and insights are welcome.

About the speakers:

Julie Smith and Susan Garriety will facilitate this session. Julie is an expert in understanding and managing generational differences, and Susan has vast experience in workplace transformations across multiple industries.

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