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Thinking about how to lead and stay competitive in a digital world is at the top of many leaders’ minds today. A recent report shows that 89 percent¹ of enterprises plan to adopt a digital-first business strategy. But most have not yet started developing a strategy -- or meet significant challenges while trying to execute on an existing strategy. These roadblocks are often due to not having a cohesive digital strategy that ties to broader corporate strategies, customer experience goals, and business metrics. Without a clear strategic vision and alignment, organizations and leaders fail to realize the full potential of digital transformation efforts, and miss the mark on achieving the most valuable results.

To thrive in the digital age, it is not enough to dabble in digital or have a siloed approach. Adopting bold leadership practices and a holistic digital strategy is necessary to fundamentally change the core of your business and to touch all aspects of your organization: business strategy, customer experience, operations, technology, analytics, and culture.

Point B Digital Strategy experts will introduce an approach to help build a holistic digital strategy to drive business outcomes and unlock the potential of your digital investments.

Who should register?

This webinar is designed for leaders across all industries who desire to lead their organization through digital transformation and achieve critical business results and outcomes. This webinar will be valuable whether you already have a digital strategy in place or if you are starting to develop your digital focus.

This will be an interactive conversation, so your questions and insights are welcome.

About the speakers:

Kristen Lenci and Priya Stipe are experts in Point B’s Digital Strategy practice. They have led a wide variety of clients through digital strategy development and transformational change, helping them gain organizational clarity and greater value while increasing results in customer acquisition and retention.

¹ Source: IDG 2018 Digital Business Survey

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