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Struggling with strategy? Here’s what may be missing. 

It's a confounding fact of business: Year after year, across organizations of all sizes and industries, studies have shown that over half of all transformative initiatives ultimately fail.¹ These struggles can equate to enormous losses—in time, money, opportunity and morale. 

Failed strategies often emerge from isolated annual planning exercises that occur every 3 to 5 years. These waterfall-like efforts leave little room to manage the increasing pace and scale of change. While there is value in these rote planning processes, more nimble approaches can balance the need to sustain core business needs while building the enterprise of the future. 

You can increase confidence that your strategy will deliver on its promises if it is paired with several key elements. In this webinar, you will learn how the following actions can help keep your strategy fresh, relevant, and pragmatic within the context of the current environment: 

  • Identification of achievable, but aspirational, growth goal(s)
  • Regular experimentation (e.g., test, learn, and iterate)
  • Integration of portfolio management principles
  • And, translation from high-level theory into an operational reality that people can understand, communicate and rally around

Issues and leadership change. Time and resources get reprioritized. External forces occur beyond your control. Things seldom go exactly as planned, and that's OK—your strategy needs to be nimble enough to respond. This Point B webinar will help you keep your strategic goals in sight while building a bridge to how strategy actually gets delivered, keeping your organization agile and relevant. 

Who should register:

This webinar is designed for leaders responsible for developing corporate and departmental strategies, designing and running programs to deliver strategies and those who want to understand more about the connections between strategy and portfolio management. 

About the speakers: Lisa Christian and Garrett Kephart 

Lisa is a Principal in Point B’s Strategy Practice with 20+ years of experience in business, non-profit and technology related initiatives. She has proven success in numerous roles in strategy execution and complex program and product management. 

Garrett is a Principal and leads Point B’s Strategy Practice. He brings 16+ years of strategy consulting experience with private enterprises, public agencies, and nonprofit organizations across more than a dozen industry sectors. 


¹ “Why good strategies fail: Lessons for the C-Suite.” The Economist. Intelligence Unit. 2013. Available at: https://www.pmi.org/-/media/pmi/documents/public/pdf/learning/thought-leadership/why-good-strategies-fail-report.pdf 

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