by Mike Pongon- April 14, 2021

The science is clear: we simply need to do more to improve the health of our planet.  To avoid catastrophic climatic conditions, humanity must reach net zero emissions, removing as much carbon as is emitted every year. 

As a firm, we’ve decided to take immediate and radical action, embarking on an ambitious commitment to become carbon negative by 2030. We believe we can play an essential role in helping humanity solve for the greatest existential crisis ever faced, protecting future generations’ right to a healthy and habitable planet.  Our commitment establishes targets to significantly reduce emissions and remove and offset more carbon than we emit. We’re also determining how we will extend this commitment to remove historical indirect emissions from our supply chain.

COVID and climate change have made transitioning to a Carbon Negative business model not only mandatory, but exponentially easier. As part of our pledge, we’re taking a close look at every area of our business, and what impact each has on our Carbon Negative goals. We’re looking at how we can reshape air travel and employee commuting. We’re evaluating our supplier relationships, internal operations and associate engagement.

As ambitious as our commitment is, we’re taking it a step further as we aim to remove all emissions our firm has created since our founding in 1995.

The journey to Carbon Negative starts now. Through careful planning, we expect to achieve key milestones over the next 12 months. We’ll be sure to report on our progress along the way.

We have a unique opportunity to help right the injustices of climate change, unsustainable resource consumption, and inequitable economic repercussions. Stay tuned for more details over the coming months.