by Brian Turner

Fresh off a week-long business trip to Europe to meet with NextContinent, a network of leading professional service organizations from around the globe, I am reminded of the significant social impact that the Consulting industry creates. 

A CEO from a German-based company, Umlaut, inspired me when he said, “We see challenges facing business and society and we challenge ourselves to fix it.” A collection of European-based consulting firms under the “EuroGroup” banner all share a common drive to put the well-being of their customers first. They are collectively at the forefront of sustainable energy, digital transformation, and enriching the customer experience across many industries. I think of Curzon Consulting’s focus on measurable customer value and their long history of high-standards for quality customer service. And I think of the talent accumulated out of London, Asia-Pacific, North and South America that tackle some of the leading commercial issues that all our customers face.

At Point B, I feel deep gratitude for the 950+ people, that are committed to helping commercial and community leaders drive change in their organizations – to transform the lives of their customers and employees, unlocking new potential in building vibrant communities. 

When I look back over 30 years of working in this industry and think about the number of challenges we collectively (across the globe and competitive lines) have solved and the number of great community leaders we all have created, it brings me a deep sense of joy and appreciation.