by Mike Pongon- January 15, 2020


At Point B, 2020 isn’t just the start of new decade. This year marks a special milestone: our 25th anniversary. And I want to say thank you. Everyone dreams of having the opportunity to be successful at doing something they love – both at work and in their personal lives. I’ve been lucky enough to realize that dream at Point B, and it’s because of you.

So, thank you to our people for caring for each other as human beings. Thank you to our customers for trusting us to be by your side as you bravely go through this truly transformative time in history - with digital disruption, legislation and regulations, changing business models and competitive positions driving you forward to compete in a new world. You’ve disrupted yourselves, you haven’t rested, you’ve innovated – and that takes guts. I want you to know that we see you, we understand you and we’re ready for what the next decade will bring to you and your organization.

I also want to send a special thank you to all of our Alumni Point B’ers out there. Many of you took a chance on a startup that was so different from traditional consulting. You helped us build our track record, our brand, and you have a place in our future as you helped make us who we are today. For that I will be forever grateful.

Point B has good things coming up in 2020. We’re going global this year, and have partnered with Next Continent, a world-wide group of independent consulting firms that work together to help customers through change and transformation. This means you’ll see more from us, in more places and with more amazing people.

And we’re getting even smarter about the expertise and empathy we bring to help you lead and adapt to these disruptive times. We know that people’s hearts and minds make the difference between success and failure, and our human-centered approach is what will continue to make us different in a world full of consulting-speak and technology for technology’s sake.

Finally, we’re proud to be celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2020. Point B was started as a movement – a company that exists for the benefit of its people. This was unheard of in 1995. But that movement has gotten bigger, better and even more “Point B” as we’ve grown and matured as a company. Our values remain the same – that every person, every customer, every community counts – but our ability to realize those ideals has gotten even stronger as we pass through another decade.

In fact, I’m a better person than I was before I came to Point B because of all of you. So thank you again.

Here’s to a happy, successful 2020.  And to the next 25 years of expertise and empathy.

All my best,

Mike Pongon