by Sicely Donaldson- September 17, 2021

With the pandemic on the rise, I find that connecting to a sense of purpose is more important than ever. The level of fatigue in the workforce is high. Clinicians on the front lines are tirelessly working to save lives. Scientists are feverishly working to combat COVID while advancing therapies for major disease states. Health plans are working to ease people’s way in navigating care and coverage. And Zoom fatigue is on the rise as the past 18 months have required everyone to adopt new ways of working and engaging with others.

The high level of fatigue and burn-out is very real, and it's not slowing down anytime soon. So, every day, I ask myself, “What difference can I make? How can we help?”

I was talking to a healthcare leader earlier this week, and she shared the constant level of triage and stress their teams are facing at their hospital—patients arriving in ambulances while staff scramble to find beds; patients arriving and testing positive for COVID with no symptoms; and the constant focus on treating the sick while protecting others in an ever-evolving situation. My colleague and I were empathizing with her and sharing that we wish there was more we could do to provide relief. Her response was, "You are. You're actually giving us a gift by helping us stay focused on advancing our strategies.” 

After the meeting, I thought about how multi-faceted making an impact can be—the many ways people are stepping up and stepping in. Just a few weeks ago, another senior healthcare leader told me she was taking her turn vacuuming the hospital over the weekend—one way of giving relief to her team. It was yet another example of the impact people are making, whether that’s saving lives, taking tasks off other people’s plates, or simply empathizing and lending an ear. Sometimes what seems small really matters.

Those conversations also made me reflect on why I’m at Point B—my purpose, our purpose, and the intentional impact we set out to make every day. We enable organizations to do their critical work in the moment without losing sight or traction on those longer-term strategies essential to advancing their mission. 

Point B exists for the benefit of our customers and our people. When I came to Point B close to two decades ago, I joined because of our mission, values and culture—because we are a company that cares and wants to make an impact in everything we do.

Our purpose translates in an especially meaningful way to our Health & Life Sciences customers, as we work to help them achieve their missions and visions—improving lives, improving health.

In times like these, it’s important to take a moment to take a breath, reflect on your purpose, and recognize the tremendous impact you are making every day. We feel fortunate to be your partner and see your dedication in action.