by Brian Turner

I’m returning from a trip to NYC where I met with professional service firms servicing global markets. A key topic of conversation centered around what we could achieve globally for our customers if we fostered a higher level of collaboration across our firms. As I heard stories of companies across Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific working together to generate better outcomes for their customers, I thought about our own journey in driving a higher level of collaboration across Point B’s 5 business units and 13 geographies.

Two years ago, we took on an ambitious journey to put collaboration as the highest leadership value we covet. We removed internal barriers that made it hard for our teams to collaborate. We removed revenue recognition from our internal management and vocabulary – allowing teams to work together for the benefit of our customers without having to worry about who will get recognized for the impact that is created. We began to incent collaboration in our leader selection, development and evaluation. We began to set individual leader goals around collaboration. And we began a lot of storytelling on the unlocked customer value that this higher level of collaboration was increasing. 

I think about where we are now and the new value this has created for our customers. There is a media and entertainment company that we are now helping execute their strategies across three geographies. We recently connected this company to a host of start-ups to understand where technology is going and how they can take advantage of it. We have brought together team members from five practices to drive rapid performance improvement opportunities for a financial services company. And we regularly share best practices across our network of healthcare customers – allowing each customer to find ways to imagine a new way work will be done in the future. 

As a developer of leaders, I’m witnessing a new level of ideation and conversation across Point B to the benefit of our customers and employees.  I’m excited when I think about what is possible if we can find similar opportunities to collaborate across the professional services industry – bringing traditional competitors together as team members…could we see a global lift in tackling the most wicked problems facing commerce and communities in the future?