Each quarter, Point B recognizes leadership and sets the bar for excellence through The Blue Standard—our firm’s own ‘gold standard.’ This quarter we honor Point B senior associate Harvey Lau.

“Harvey was probably the only person in the firm to be surprised by the news,” said Chuck Ritter, President of Consulting. “He’s someone everybody looks up to, both internally and externally. He’s a great human being, and a joy to be around. He embodies Point B’s values and extraordinary leadership in everything he does—client service, business development, associate development and recruiting.”

Since joining Point B in 2002, Harvey has become a highly requested consultant who has worked for clients such as King 5 TV, Starbucks, and Microsoft. Currently, he is focused on supporting our Organizational Effectiveness practice.

Harvey has a calm, thoughtful way of building project ownership among diverse stakeholders, said long-time client Denis McDonald, senior VP of Business Services at the Polyclinic. “Our projects often have multiple business and clinical sponsors, who don’t see a project the same way. Harvey makes sure that all project sponsors—not just the primary sponsor—have their needs met and get the same level of attention. He’s very direct, considerate and respectful. As a result, he’s able to get everyone to focus on the issues and the results. It all flows smoothly.”

“Harvey models everything we want to be about,” said Point B’s Brian Eike, who’s worked with him for more than ten years. “He takes the time to do the right thing. He has a ton of expertise, and he knows when and how to apply it. In every role and relationship, he provides leadership that’s beneficial to everyone he works with.”

In challenging situations, Point B’s Denise Zorn sometimes asks herself, “’What would Harvey do?’

“He has a laser focus on what the client needs, and he meets them where they are. He comes with an open mind, then shares options and lets the team have the discussion it needs to have. He also knows when it’s time to come to closure on a decision and move forward. People look to him to do that. He has the confidence of both the client and the team.”

As you might expect, Harvey believes The Blue Standard is meant to be shared: “At Point B, ‘people’ is a core value. I want to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients and our associates. If I do it well, I add value and make my clients’ jobs easier. I want the best possible outcome, and I believe that it comes from the team, so I try very hard to leverage the team. I see myself as a facilitator toward a greater answer. Whatever I have managed to do, it’s because of the people alongside me—not just me.”