Hispanic & LatinX (HLX) is a Point B’s community with a mission to create a space for HLX Point B'ers to foster personal and professional growth, empowerment, and inclusion. 

With the HLX community, we have ongoing objectives for Point B to increase the total number of Hispanic & LatinX professionals across all levels, share resources and support for professional advancement and retention, and community outreach.

Our People and Perspectives

Fabiola Porras, Consultant & BRG Lead
HLX is a space to connect, communicate, and collaborate with peers in celebration of Hispanic/Latinx people and culture. I’m honored to help build a community that encourages the sharing of our knowledge, support, and empathy to support individuals in the workspace and beyond. Fabiola Porras, Consultant & BRG Lead
Nelson Reyneri, Principal
As one who came from Cuba and was raised in numerous cities in the US, I am passionate about honoring my heritage and culture and doing all I can to help our country understand the value that comes from levering diversity and inclusion. I’m also privileged to be part of a company that shares these values and serves as a best practice for leading with empathy and expertise. And as incoming Chair of the Board of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, I am committed to do all I can to help Hispanic businesses strive and continuing contributing to a positive economic future. Nelson Reyneri, Principal
Pablo Timpson, Managing Consultant & BRG Lead
The Hispanic and LatinX community is of special interest to me because it is my heritage. My goal with HLX is to showcase the talents of the HLX community, break down silos, and create a diverse workforce for the benefit of all. Pablo Timpson, Managing Consultant & BRG Lead