For the first time in its short but illustrious history, the Point B Blue Standard recognizes the stellar performance of an engagement team. This quarter’s Blue Standard honors all six associates on a hospital system client’s ICD-10 medical coding project—Desiree Serr, Angie Bruemmer, Mike Evans, Erin White, Kendra Tripp and Jennifer Valenta—for taking teamwork to a new level.

“This team was leading the turnaround of a major program that had struggled for a year,” said account leader Dan O’Donnell. “At every turn, they watched out for the client and for each other, constantly shifting and adapting to make sure the client was whole and that each team member got what they needed to be successful.”

The team’s performance is especially impressive given the scale, complexity and deadline-driven pressures of the work. The medical coding upgrade involved thousands of providers across 35 hospitals and over 400 clinics.

From the start, team members made an explicit commitment to provide each other with experience, knowledge and moral support.  “It’s how we showed up as a team that was different,” said Angie Bruemmer, program advisor. Angie performed the initial program risk assessment and worked with Desiree Serr, ICD-10 program lead, on recommending changes to the program structure and leadership engagement.

The intention to function as a true team was very strong, Desiree said. “We had discussions about our roles and responsibilities upfront; we planned how we’d work together as a team. We got together at least once every week for two hours, and we put everything on the table. We’d ask each other, ‘On a scale of 1-10, how are you doing?’ If someone’s answer was less than a 7, we’d ask how we could help. Everyone felt really supported.”

Throughout the ICD-10 program group and beyond, Point B is recognized for delivering outstanding work and establishing great client relationships in a challenging environment. “The standard to which these folks have delivered has set a new bar internally with our client,” said Dan O’Donnell. “When this hospital system has big problems and needs trusted advisors, we’re the first call.”