Philanthropic and non-profit organizations operate in dynamic environments, faced with increasingly complex and interconnected issues, growing community needs, and evolving practices. We know how challenging it can be to drive meaningful change in this unpredictable space, balancing limited resources with the constant need to adapt. 

As an impact and purpose-driven firm, we share your values and are passionate about helping your organization achieve its mission. We believe a strong, healthy social sector is critical to delivering impact in our communities.  

Our team has implemented hundreds of projects with empathy and a focus on building long-term relationships. We’ll partner with you to define, execute, and operationalize strategies to build capacity and infrastructure, create momentum, and address the systemic issues we all face.   

Our Expertise

Evolving Strategy

Build a strategy that can evolve as you learn over time 

In today’s rapidly changing environment, resilient strategies must include ways to solve familiar and emerging challenges. We’ll work with you to drive greater impact by partnering effectively, leveraging collective action models, and taking an interdisciplinary approach. 

Measuring & Managing Impact

Build a learning agenda and feedback loops to guide decisions 

Our measurement frameworks link strategic progress to your overall investment portfolio. We’ll help you create a common language of impact between funder and grantee, map strategy to execution, and increase confidence in investment decisions. 

Cross Sector Collaboration 

Accelerate impact through collective climate and social justice action 

Drive action through collaboration with leaders across corporate, governmental, nonprofit, and philanthropic industries. We’ll help you harness collective wisdom and tackle society's intractable issues through peer-to-peer learning and bespoke campaigns that keep your mission close to heart. 

Equity & Belonging 

Embed diversity, equity, inclusion, & justice in your culture 

Diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and justice must be incorporated into all aspects of an organization, both internally and externally. We’ll guide you through the DEI+J journey to ensure the community’s experience with your organization aligns with your overall impact strategy. 

Technology Modernization 

Leverage digital tools to enable your strategy 

Evolving stakeholder needs require modern technology. We can help you optimize your operations and maximize the value of your technology to support relationships, grant, financial, human capital, and knowledge management for data-driven decision making. 

Organizational & Operational Effectiveness 

Maximize your team’s impact 

To maximize impact, you need effective team leadership, strong governance practices, and alignment around strategy, values, and vision. We encourage your team to adopt innovative ways of working and embody new approaches in mission-oriented work, investments, and operations.