The automotive industry is facing significant change as mobile-first customers drive the market. At the cornerstone of strategy, digital transformation and execution Point B brings together cross-functional expertise to partner with customers on current challenges and emerging opportunities. We help customers prepare for uncertainty, reshaping their value proposition and adjusting their organization where required. Our outcome-focused, data-driven, passionate and diverse approach helps customers  strengthen their financial performance by improving and delivering value across all aspects of their business, from digital strategy to product delivery to operating model transformation.

Our Expertise

Digitization in Automotive Retail

The industry is facing an omnichannel retail transformation. COVID-19 accelerated consumer demand for digital transactions, with a recent digital shopping survey showing two out of three shoppers are more likely to purchase a vehicle 100% online. Customers want more control over how they purchase their vehicle, increased transparency into current inventory with real-time pricing, and flexibility to shop when and how they want. They want all digital touchpoints during the car-buying journey to be integrated and connected. When the customer perspective is taken into account, the customer just expects it all to work. And when it works, OEMs and Dealers get their full attention and some money with it.

Automotive M&A Shaping the Future

Automotive demand has rebounded, and M&A activity revolutions per minute (RPMs) are up too. Automakers, suppliers, and captives are making creative deals to position themselves for a changing industry, with high-tech electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles. These high-stake deals and partnerships will shape the future of this industry. We support our customers with effective due diligence processes, careful integration planning and rigorous execution – helping to avoid common pitfalls and maximizing the value of each deal.

Strategic Capabilities: Sales & Marketing

Growing demands from customers are requiring organizations to continuously innovate and to embrace a digital and agile approach to marketing and sales. Point B partners with our customers to modernize their marketing organizations using insightful data and analytics, rapid prototyping, strong collaboration and innovative talent, all with the end customer in mind. Our innovation-centric approach enables customers to shift their mindset towards digital opportunities in AI, 5G, virtual reality, cloud technology and collaboration technologies.

Strategic Capabilities: Financial Services

Disruption is inevitable in today’s ever-changing business environment. At Point B, we see disruption as an opportunity to help our customers modernize back-office functions, creating additional value and opportunities. Our approach centers around value creation and management using innovative methods to improve upon long-standing processes and metrics such as net present value and ROI. Point B partners with Fortune 500 CFOs to streamline financial planning and analysis processes to improve their business performance.