We help our customers understand and optimize customer experiences across diverse channels and capabilities. We focus on driving results that serve the needs of our customers across people, process, and technology.

Our Expertise

Consumer Experience & Engagement

Brand engagement is key to achieving goals for revenue growth and profitability—and new technology and customer data enable retailers to understand consumer needs and desires. Using a customer-centric approach, we help our customers develop and execute strategies to maximize engagement throughout the customer journey through loyalty programs and digital media. We deliver the right data and insights to help you understand the customer journey and deliver a truly differentiated experience, from who they are and how they behave to the products they want now and in the future. 

Customer Insight

Robust analysis of customer data leads to valuable and actionable insights into customer behavior, expectations, and decisions. We help clients harness the power of customer and operational data to deliver experiences that users value.

Supply Chain Optimization

Many retailers and consumer brands are focused on a “back to basics” strategy—having the right product in the right place for customers to purchase. We understand the core fundamentals of the retail supply chain, and we help customers improve efficiency and profitability across inbound inventory and outbound fulfillment.

Technology & Operations

In an increasingly competitive environment, retailers depend on their core technology stack to run an agile business and deliver results. We help customers optimize their investments in core and emerging retail technology to support operations and the customer experience in areas such as merchandising, forecasting and in-store solutions.

Boosting Store Performance

Brands that have physical stores know the importance of optimizing store labor and operations. We help customers unlock the full potential of their physical locations, labor forces, and store operations to deliver the best customer experience.

Employee Experience

Post pandemic, retailers are grappling with a talent shortage making it hard to attract and retain top talent. Your people are critical to driving a seamless customer experience. Strong employee engagement is critical to building a strong culture and workforce satisfaction. We help to build a holistic modern work environment by identifying the right tools, technology, and processes to maximize employee engagement.

Organizational Design for Success

The face of retail and consumer products is changing, and often the structure of supporting organizations needs to change as well. Point B helps customers organize to best address the challenges ahead—navigating the challenges and harnessing the potential of five generations in the workforce.

Corporate Responsibility as a Strategic Lever

Social and environmental responsibility programs can help companies create a competitive edge. We help our customers use the lens of the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) to engage customers, employees and community; market new products and services; rationalize supply chains; and prepare and adapt to unforeseen market turbulence.