We offer energy consulting to organizations across every industry to unlock the financial, operational and human opportunities associated with resource productivity, clean technology and social innovation. In addition, our clients benefit from the venture advisory and energy management expertise of Point B Capital.

Our Expertise

Oil & Gas: Integrations & Divestitures

Many companies struggle with the integration or divestiture of a company or asset—a complicated transaction that involves people, processes and systems. Point B can help maximize the value of a transaction by managing the complexity every step of the way.

Utilities:  Customer-friendly Billing Systems

Whether a bill is on paper or online, it is the only contact millions of customers have with their utility providers. We lead billing system upgrades, print solution implementations and bill redesign projects that enhance this key customer experience.

Safety & Environmental Compliance

Keeping up with the ever-changing regulatory environment is a continual challenge. Point B can help design, build and refine processes and systems to facilitate workforce safety and compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Distributed Energy Resources

Utilities are working to understand how the grid is affected by distributed energy resources such as solar, wind and the emergence of energy storage technologies. We have led programs to remotely manage solar inverters on utility-owned photovoltaic systems, and we can help utilities set up and evaluate similar programs.

Leveraging the Smart Grid

The utility industry is embracing advanced grid technologies to remotely control and automate the delivery of electricity to their customers. We have led dozens of advanced grid implementation projects, including IVVC, supervisory-controlled switches, and distributed assets over a mesh network.

Market Resilience

The volatility and complexity of the energy market requires strategic thinking, effective decision making and the ability to adjust operations to changing conditions. Point B can help drive strategic decisions and determine optimal organizational structures to adapt to the pressures of a complex market.

IT Investments for Business Results

Both corporate and operational IT are increasingly important in running a compliant and efficient business. We can help IT partner effectively with the business through effective project leadership and portfolio management that maximize the business results of every IT investment.

Corporate Responsibility as a Strategic Lever

Social and environmental responsibility programs can help companies create a competitive edge. We help our customers use the lens of the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) to engage customers, employees and community; market new products and services; rationalize supply chains; and prepare and adapt to unforeseen market turbulence.