We help our customers expand their business, compete more capably, develop and launch new products, leverage new technology and deliver rich customer experiences. With our broad cross-industry expertise, we help drive superior customer experiences across channels.

Our Expertise

Digital & Mobile Applications

Global media and entertainment companies look to Point B for our expertise in digital and mobile applications in an omnichannel world. We develop digital and mobile applications that elevate the business value of our customers’ application portfolios, build customer engagement, and grow profitability.

Strategy & Planning

Media and entertainment companies are continuously adapting to demand and how content is consumed. We bring 20 years of successful execution to helping our customers stay ahead of competitors by developing strategic plans for their most important initiatives—including mobile, digital, IT departments, data centers, consumer products, customer engagement and talent recruitment.

Product Launches that Work

Point B gets new products off to the right start—from developing a well-defined product vision to providing clear direction during the development cycle for a timely launch. We also act as an independent advisor on product release dates, product prioritization, investments and financial trade-off decisions.

Vendor Selection & Management

We develop clear, meaningful criteria to ensure the best vendor selection—assessing technical experience, talent, vendor capacity and cultural alignment. We also play an active role in seeing these key relationships through to success for our clients.

Winning with Iterative Development

Software at media and entertainment companies requires continuous enhancement and innovation to stay on top of consumer demands. We work with our customers to unlock their productivity and hidden capacity using Agile techniques that can be especially valuable when iterative and frequent software releases to the market are required.

Corporate Responsibility as a Strategic Lever

Social and environmental responsibility programs can help companies create a competitive edge. We help our customers use the lens of the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) to engage customers, employees and community; market new products and services; rationalize supply chains; and prepare and adapt to unforeseen market turbulence.