Point B enables you to move beyond healthcare to health with a clearer view to what’s possible, and the ability to move confidently forward.

Provider health care is being disrupted by new entrants and industry consolidation, shifts toward value-based care, expectation of growth, workforce challenges made more dire by the pandemic, and higher patient expectations for choice and digital care delivery. Providers must intentionally drive rapid innovation cycles, ease collaboration across their teams, and use digital capability to enhance patient experience and to get more workforce leverage.

Our Expertise

Virtual and Digital Care

Connecting to patients, members and customers outside the facility in both the physical and digital world is now foundational. Fully integrated models of care need to provide seamless, customer centric, access regardless of which physical or digital door customers enter. New models need to both fully use digital modalities such as remote patient monitoring and mobile health while not losing the personal connection of individual care.

Customer and Patient Experience

As expectations continue to rise, the need for a unified experience — one that is efficient, meaningful, and differentiating — has never been greater. The things that make it challenging — many stakeholders, unique needs, disjointed processes — are the same reasons a great experience is essential. We help our partners design, enable and execute a connected customer and patient experience throughout the life sciences, payer, and provider value chains.

Care Delivery Transformation

Patient expectations for integrated care delivery are rising as care delivery cost also rises. Focus to drive consistent health outcomes requires alignment of methods, tools, expertise, models of care, service line alignment across sites, and expectation of technology and data to help align care giver approaches and decisions. Providers need partners who can bring creative approaches and experience to cohesively address these challenges.

Growth for the Future

Expectations for care delivery organizations to adapt and to grow amidst changing health industry landscape keep increasing. Emerging from the pandemic providers need trusted partners with proven methods to help evaluate strategies to partner, consolidate functions, draw in new revenue, test new markets, expand and grow successful models, and to test and adapt new services and types of care. We are the partner who can help you build and execute your strategy to grow.