Our Retail Health practice helps our customers deliver healthcare in innovative, consumer-centric ways to achieve better health outcomes. 

When it comes to improving health and wellness, we believe it’s critical to keep the consumer at the center. We work to enact change that benefits all consumers, regardless of who they are or where they come from. We do this by uniting the greatest thinking across retail, healthcare, and technology, because sometimes, the simple act of collaboration can result in much-needed disruption. We use this mindset to partner with you, envisioning a healthcare experience that’s reimagined, yet within reach.  

Our Expertise

Profitable Growth

To achieve the scale needed to deliver cost-effective care, retailers need to attract and serve more healthcare consumers. By establishing and expanding value-based care with payers, the government, and other providers, retailers can increase their customer base and accelerate key health and wellness services. We’re your partner in building and executing actionable, agile growth strategies for reimagining health and wellness whether you deliver them remotely or in convenient retail locations. 

Consumer Health Data

Retailers have access to large amounts of customer data and know how to use it to create personalized experiences. That knowledge can be a tremendous benefit to healthcare, so long as regulatory and privacy standards are considered. Our team of experts can help you integrate and optimize consumer health data in a way that enables your business and improves health of your customers. 

Care Delivery Model

We believe retailers, digital solutions, and new primary care models will provide convenient access channels that can deliver health outcomes in more cost-effective ways. The key to realizing results at scale is creating an integrated and repeatable model. Customers rely on us to design, implement, and optimize complex care models that improve access, convenience, and quality of care. 

Scaling Your Business

With a strong business model in place, companies should scale quickly and effectively across new locations. In this high-growth moment, those who do this successfully will win a disproportionate share of the retail health and wellness market. Point B is uniquely positioned to connect the market insight, real estate, people, and operational skills required to accelerate your cost-effective growth to new locations. 

Acquisition & Partnership Integration

The emergence of retail health and wellness was born from partnership and innovation between retailers, payers, providers, and technology companies that will continue as the industry matures. Repeatable partnership, acquisition, and integration playbooks with effective approaches for integrating processes, data, products, pricing, and other core capabilities are required for success. We’re here to support you every step of the way, from due diligence to integrations to achieve your growth goals. 

Reimagining health and wellness means moving beyond the conventional. Solutions to address the evolving ways to access care sit at the intersection of retail, healthcare, and technology. Point B weaves our industry and technology expertise together to advance health and wellness with the goal of creating a healthier world Sicely Donaldson, Industry Executive Vice President



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Customer Executive, Healthcare


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Sicely Donaldson

Executive Vice President, Health & Life Sciences