by Brent Olson, Jack Schwab

Many organizations face critical challenges with their data centers, such as:

  • An outdated design that is insufficient to meet the near-100% availability metric required by the business’ ever-increasing reliance on technology.
  • The facility is a static asset while the IT infrastructure housed inside is dynamic—becoming physically smaller yet requiring more power, more cooling and more network connectivity.
  • In-house facilities management organizations are unable to keep pace with the core competencies required to maintain the sophisticated needs of modern IT infrastructure.
  • Mergers, shadow IT capabilities and unmanaged growth have led to an inefficient glut of data centers and technology closets.

As a result, many IT organizations are reconsidering their data center strategy. Quantity, location, purpose, ownership, resiliency, redundancy, security and support are being examined for opportunities to lower cost or improve quality of service.