by Karen Curtis

Today’s Environment

To improve the quality of healthcare while slowing growth in overall costs, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are gaining ground.

Point B's Perspective

Any strategic decision with the impact of an ACO merits a rigorously disciplined, robust analysis.It’s crucial to avoid the danger of being pulled toward an outcome without understanding the downstream impact. To arrive at the right strategic answers, providers need to address two questions:

1. What is our competitive market position relative to other providers in the market?

2. What is the financial impact of various ACO participation and payment models?

Point B has developed a structured approach to answering these questions in a meaningful way with simulation models that analyze the financial viability and bottom-line impact of various “what if” scenarios. Knowing that ACO strategy is among the most important decisions our healthcare clients will make in the next few years, our approach helps ensure that it’s based on intelligent analysis.