by Connie Polzin

Today's Environment

It is unfortunate that many IT organizations are perceived by the business as an expensive cost center that is relegated to fixing system outages and planning upgrades. To elevate the role of IT and have a meaningful voice in C-level strategy discussions, CIOs must prove that they can deliver exceptional service and invest performance improvement gains back into the business.

How can the CIO transform IT into a credible strategic partner in the business and a major driver of growth? It seems as if every technology journal or IT conference is replete with approaches that promise to streamline IT processes and drive greater value to the bottom line. Some methods have merit within a narrow scope, such as the software production frameworks of Agile, or the common, repeatable processes of ITIL. However, the optimal approach with the proven track record to deliver end-to-end transformative improvement across an IT organization is the application of Lean principles to IT.

Point B’s Perspective

Lean is an excellent transformative tool for IT because it enforces business accountability and evolves the CIO into a business leader who can consistently demonstrate meaningful results. The Lean IT framework enables this transformation by empowering CIOs.