Today’s Environment

Given the shortage of high-caliber, full-time leadership talent, it takes time to replace a senior leader in today’s competitive environment. Finding the right fit is typically a six- to seven-month process that’s too important to rush. Meanwhile, the organization is left with a leadership void, along with the unresolved problems that often accompany a leader’s departure. Traditionally, bringing in an interim leader has been viewed as a stopgap solution—someone to fill the day- to-day leadership vacuum during the search for a permanent replacement. But a skilled interim leader can do more than fill the void; he or she can prepare the organization and the incoming leader for success.

Point B's Perspective

Losing a senior leader is a significant event that usually signals a failure of some sort on the part of the departing leader, the organization, or both. Whatever went wrong, it’s important to understand why the union was unsuccessful in order to get it right the next time. It’s our experience that interim leaders are in a unique position to help an organization gain this valuable understanding and use it to help the incoming leader succeed.